Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Orange County Motorcycle Repair - Riders Revelation

Orange County Motorcycle Repair Shop - Riders Revelation (A place of Comfort)

After running another motorcycle shop for nearly 10 years Jimmy Summers decided he had to build a shop that best represented the character of Jesus Christ. And so was born "Riders Revelation" Orange County's most professional motorcycle repair shop. We want the World to know the good news about God's love for his people, and what better of a place then in performance street bike shop!!

Our personal beliefs may not be yours, you may even despise Christianity. But let us ask this question, who would you rather trust with a guy holding a gun at you and the prize for your murder is a million dollars.

1. The Atheist  who believes at bottom there is no true right or wrong ?

2. He who puts his faith in Christ & believes there are consequences for the moral choices he makes?

The answer is obvious, bring your bike to Riders Revelation ...

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