Monday, September 5, 2011

Recent Discoveries in Astrophysics prove GOD created the Universe

In the Early 1900's science started to take on the trend of a Godless Universe. With Darwinian theory at hand, we no longer needed to rely on the "All Mighty Creator". As time passed on to our most modern and technically advanced society, the role has changed dramatically once again. This time its unarguable, non-negotiable, and virtually unchangeable. Science has recently found that the Universe came into existence at an exact moment in time from absolutely nothing. Note that anything that begins to exist has a cause, and therefore the cause of the Universe must be GOD.  World renown astrophysicist Dr. Hugh Ross takes us through the mind boggling journey on how science shows that God brought the Universe into existence.

If in part 1 you are enticed by what you see, please spend the time to watch the entire film at your convenience that is....