Wednesday, December 29, 2010

With the Inaccuries of carbon dating - Evolution of Man, not 100% convincing

Can a 30,000 year old pinkie finger, make a new species?
We found information which must be shared amongst Christians,skeptics, Darwinist, and Atheist's.. We quickly overlooked this a few weeks ago when Scientist said they had found a pinkie finger belonging to a 30,000 year old "Denisovans" ;a new ancestor of modern man who predates the Neathanrethal. (shown below) 

 An Article published today reports an incredible finding in Israel
  A newly published report reveals that recently discovered human remains in a cave in central Israel may be the earliest evidence for the existence of modern man. Archaeologists from Tel Aviv University found eight teeth in Qesem Cave. The team said the discovery challenges theories of the origin of humans. Avi Gopher, who led the team, told Agence France-Presse that it calls into question the widely held view that modern humans originated in Africa. Until now, the earliest remains of modern man, or Homo sapiens, were 200,000 years old and found in East Africa.The teeth found in Israel are about 400,000 years old. "It's very exciting to come to this conclusion," Gopher said, as reported by The Associated Press. "This changes the whole picture of evolution."

 Where have the Monkey Men gone?
What can we conclude from these two seperate published reports in less than a months time? First of all, is it really believable that the oldest known modern man's age just doubled that easily? And secondly, if evolution is true and this type of dating is at all accurate, how is it that a "4 generation old" human race was still alive 370,000 years after today's highly developed man existed? And lastly, it is extremely safe to say that if there were hundreds of thousands of years between one species of man while the other under-evolved species were still on our planet, than how is it that there isn't any 30, 20, or even just 10,000 year old species still alive today?

Well, they could have been wiped out by a catastrophic Global flood, but who knows?

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